• Strategies to win coins in Jurassic survival

    Do you like dinosaurs and wanted to know more about them? Are you looking for a mobile game which can make your thrill? Well, for this you must try Jurassic survival game which is full of challenges and adventure.

    In this game, you can closely deal with dodgy dinosaurs and learn to survive in a world where these creatures are keen to kill and eat you. The fun also increases in many folds when you visit new places in the virtual world and find about some unknown mysteries.

    The 3D animations of this game are superb and the entire concept is unique. Different types of dinosaurs can be seen in this game. To enjoy this wonderful game you must start playing it right now.

    Learn surviving and killing

    Surviving and killing are the two basic things that you will have to do in a Jurassic survival game. This is a real-time and you will also get a chance to interact with other players.

    You can also make a team with them and learn to kill the stronger creature by making mutual efforts. You should also remember the fact that several kinds of dinosaurs is there in this game.

    Every kind of creature has its own strengths and weaknesses. In order to kill them without getting killed; you should be able to study every aspect. Try to know more about their behavior, eating habits, movements, and other things. This way you will be able to deal with them more effectively.

    Buy more weapons

    With the help of coins, you can also buy more weapons to for the maximum damage. To get an unlimited supply of coins you can also learn to use jurassic survival hack tool which is free of cost.

    Through various weapons, you can kill the different type of dinosaurs in no time. For getting more equipment and effective weapons, the player must be able to explore nearby buildings.

    You can also explore new places in the deep jungle to reveal more about the available resources. But always remember the fact that you should make a movement with proper backup to have more chances to survive there. So it is better to take the risk when you are working as a team not alone.

    Killing dinosaurs

    You should also make further movement and after killing the dinosaurs it is necessary to find out a new location to unlock the more exclusive features. You can fasten your progress by unlocking more and more features. You will need to spend ample amount of coins for this as well.

    But it is worthy of spending the coins for unlocking the paid features. With them, you will be able to increase winning chances in many folds. So never hesitate when you are getting good weapons, armors and several other advantages by spending some coins.

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    Look for shelter

    You should also never wait when the dinosaurs are right in front of you. Either you should take shelter at a safe place where they cannot attack you or kill them by using the advanced weapon if you really have the one. 

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  • Homescapes Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guide

    Welcome to Homescapes! Dive deeper into the travel of giving Austin a hands in order to bring back the old memories and serenity to his family's mansion. He's abandoned this location for many years because he needed to go for a job opportunity, leaving his old parents behind there however as the time has now passed. Austin decides to have a break and invest some quality time with his family.

    Best of Homescapes Tips and Guides You Must Know

    Going back to the mansion and finding out it is going to drop down and everything is awakened. Therefore Austin decides to wash it out entirely and begin making it to seem brand-new once again, this is going to turn into your main mission in the game, the best of gaming experience with the tricks will probably will be getting on to it in details later. At this time, we will be focusing on the cheats for homescapes for today since the starting trick to get you going with the right number of coins.

    Homescapes Was made and released with "Playrix Games" business and it is totally available to be downloaded at no cost on just about any Android or IOS platform. The game is supporting a wide selection of devices owing to its average graphics degree and bringing more detail into the gameplay storyline. Reading more about it under will allow you to get hooked into the game.

    Make Your Dream Home!

    Begin The travel in your area with bald mind as you will be looking into a old memorial photograph of you along with your buddies, your biggest fantasy is to bring back those old fantastic memories into life and also create the life a lot more enjoyable as it is now.

    Booking the very first airplane to journey back to these and begin seeing the world from a different prospective. However, the truth is that your residence is in a disaster type and everything is misplaced. This is going to be more like a disaster to you personally, so try to not be amazed. We will give you the right instructions to receive it done following our homescapes hack for free gaming forever.

    Everything is looking exactly the same since the time you left this house, this might be a great thing and a bad thing at exactly the exact same time. It is bringing the memories back however, the main issue is that all these items are no more usable and have to be replaced whenever possible. Thus consider your first mission is to modify the old carpet with a one which will give design and the appearance to the home. And once we talk about the costs part we have to mention Homescapes cheats and how effective is it if it comes to coins' production.

    Pick Between 2 Login Options.

    At The opening scene there will be two choices available, either to begin playing with the game directly without having to go through and procedure or routine along with the other option is to acquire the Facebook linked to this game.

    If we decide to check into the difference between the two available options at the beginning, we will have to find that the Facebook connection attribute is going to offer us a place to maintain the progression information at. In addition, the ability to retrieve it back in any given time via any device too.

    Source - NoSurvyesNoDownload.com

    The Main disadvantages of having the advancement data files stored directly in your device is that they will be at the reduction risk. If you've been able to alter the device or deleted the game by mistake due to insufficient memory or another motive. All what you've done will likely be vanished instantly and that is such a frustrating thing to take place. So it is encouraged to follow the Homescapes tips carefully for gaming quality as a whole.

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  • Amazing tricks to win in Animation Throwdown

    Are you looking for the something exciting and entertaining?

    You should try Animation Throwdown card game. This is an outstanding game with the whole new concept of taking part in battles and winning coins and gems for that.

    There is hardly any other game which offers such great things. In this game you can have the fun and enjoyment of several games by playing its different segments. 

    There are various battles available through which you can have adventure. The game is so interesting that millions of downloads are done and stilling counting, just after the launching of the game.

    The cartoon characters from the different cartoon series are also included in it which makes it perfect. There are hundreds of different characters included in this from the Family guy, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad and king of the hills. 

    Some special moments of these popular shows are also included which makes the player laugh. There is no limit of fun and enjoyment that you can have by playing this amazing game.

    There are lots of activities and different task that you can perform. The player can also collect with different characters. By updating the deck you can also make it stronger and improve the situation. 

    Two different cards can also be attached together to make perfect combination to have more advantages within the game. So for the players who have keen interest in card battlers, this game is perfect and there is no substitute of it. In addition to this, with the help of tricks and tips, you have more winning chances.

    Advance tips

    In this advance animated series, you can impress other by following some advance tips. 

    The first is buying pack as soon as possible. The gaming currency is available buy in order to buy pack you might not have sufficient amount.

    After winning in the battles, you will be getting more and more coins as rewards of this. Try to spend them wisely and get more packs. Now you must be thinking that what the advantage of buy more packs is. 

    More cards pack will help you to improve the decks. In addition to this, you can also earn more coins through animation throwdown hack tool.

    Smart updating

    The next thing that needs your focus is updating the cards on the regular basis. Updated cards are more power to have better deck. 

    But you should also be smart here. Most of the time, players update the cards just by tapping on the update button. In spite of updating in bulk you should go for the upgrading of only rare cards.

    Having more powerful combination

    In Animation Throwdown, you can also make the perfect combination of many cards. 

    In order to stay in stronger position, you should be able to make more powerful combos. With the help of these combinations of cards, you will be able to win more prizes and unlock the next levels of animation throwdown.

    Be easy about AI

    You will be glad to know the fact that artificial intelligence in not too good in this game. So you can handle them without any problem. In this way fighting against them can win you many prizes. 

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