• 6 Must-Know Facts Before Playing Homescapes

    The Playrix Games is a famous developer and releases some excellent games. The Gardenscapes is first game which is developed with a unique concept. The developers receive a good response from all over the world. After the success of it, they developed Homescapes. The concept of the game is a little bit related to the previous game. The main motive of the players is to renovate the home and try to provide an impressive look.

    6 Must-Know Facts Before Playing Homescapes

    Facts behind the home renovation

    The game starts with a broken or unmaintained home. In the game, a good storyline is featured by the developers. The storyline is related to the Austin. It is an in-game character. The players need to assist the Austin in renovating the home. The home renovation can be done in following ways –

            Improve the condition of furniture

            Re-design the interior

            Change the carpets

            Placement of some portraits

    There are numerous other things available those you need to do for effective renovation. For performing all types of activities the players need to use in-game funds. All these things cannot be performed without proper guidance. Here the Austin is so beneficial in getting proper guidelines for better results.

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    A second concept

    The developers are paying attention to the entertainment level more. They develop the game by adding two types of concepts –

            Home renovation

            Match-3 concept

    The renovation is the main thing of the game and helpful in doing progress. The match-3 concept is playing a role as the source by which you become capable to do progress. By clearing the levels in match-3 mode, the players can collect in-game funds. The use of these funds is beneficial in buying different types of home accessory.

    Be smart

    The match-3 concept based levels are designed with different types of limitations. For receiving a good amount of reward and better points, the players need to play smartly. Following are some types of restrictions –

            Limited chances of failure (lives)

            Limited opportunities to achieve the objective (moves)

    The players are able to attempt on next level if they completed the previous one. In case, the attempt of players turns to failure then a live is deducted. There are maximum 5 lives available. If the players lose them all then it will take a specific time to replenish.

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    Objectives of levels

    All levels of the match-3 concept are tagged with an objective and some moves. The players are required to achieve these objectives by using those limited number of moves. It can be possible, with smart moves and by creating some specific combinations. For activating the boosters and combinations, the players need to create patterns. It makes the way of achieving objective much easier. Some examples of objectives –

            Eliminating a specific number of tiles

            Clear more boxes

            Creating some specific combinations

            Remove ‘x’ number of ‘y’ tiles

    The players should put efforts and think wisely to clear the levels quickly & by saving some moves.

    Benefits of saving moves

    The way of saving moves is highly beneficial in different ways. It can help the players in –

            Maximizing the reward money

            Saving time

            Getting additional bonuses

    When you achieve the objective and some moves are remaining then these moves turn into profit. Sometimes it turns into boosters on the board and sometimes into reward directly. Both ways are helpful in earning more currency and receiving a huge amount as the bonus. The players need to put more efforts for higher reward money, here are some homescapes hack you can learn for getting better rewards in the game.

    Hire experts

    The virtual home is locked for numerous years, due to this it is affected by different types of factors. All types of issues cannot be avoided by performing work by putting own efforts. For some, the players need to hire the professionals. In these types of activities, the players are required to pay an amount of currency as the fee. During these activities, you need to be focused more on the game. The players need to make decisions wisely and do not choose the way of cancellation.

    If you cancel the professional-hiring related activities after implementation then you need to spend lots of currency again. You need to follow these ones when you are free.

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