• FIFA 20 – Learn to Play Properly and Win Every Match

    Finally, FIFA 20 has arrived in all kinds of gaming platforms, and billions of players were waiting for it.

    Every year FIFA franchise release a new version of the game that reaches up the rating of sports game perfectly. Electronic Arts have released the FIFA 20, and everything they do is best and perfect, so if you want to win the matches perfectly then, you also need to learn it.

    In this new version of FIFA 20, you will see the graphics, players, stadiums, teams, new modes, and many more things.

    The main thing is how you play, and if you want to win the matches then you can read below –

    Learn To Play and Win Matches in FIFA 20

    If you are a great player and know every skill and move, then your opponent will get a chance to compete against you, and you will be able to earn and learn so many things forward to it. In order to be a great player, you have to follow some tips that will help you to be that level of player –

    Enhance Your Running and Dribbling Tricks – Football is all about controlling your steps and the ball, and if you become perfect in these two things, then you just have learned much about the game.

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    Every player knows how to run, but they don’t know how they can dodge and dribble the ball when the opponent is standing in front. At that moment, you have to use your dribbling technique, and you can learn it from the game practice mode.

    Make Perfect Formation of Team – the majority of player makes this mistake, but if you are reading it, then you should make a perfect formation of the team, and before the beginning of the game, you can change the formation and change places of players. 

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    What Is The Role Of Currencies Used In Toon Blast ?

    Tons of puzzle games are out there by the game industry; Toon Blast is one of them getting more love by the players.

    The game is based on cartoon puzzle characters. You can easily allow cartoon characters to travel in different magical worlds, bypassing the challenges or levels.

    The game includes many exciting challenges, magical worlds, rewards, levels that you can gain by playing. Also, it helps users to enhance their mental skills besides enjoy like a pro.

    There are plenty of items, upgrades added in the game that can be purchased with the help of in game currencies.

    Like all other games, Toon Blast also includes some in game currency to progress faster and purchase every single item.


    Coins are considered as the main currency of Toon Blast that plays a vital role. Earning coins in a more massive amount permits a user to succeed in the game faster besides playing smoothly like no one another can.

    Role of coins

    As we mentioned above, it is a single kind of currency used in the Toon Blast game, so it plays a significant role.

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    With the help of coins, gamers can purchase different items and can perform different tasks smoothly without getting stressed. Focus on the forthcoming content more in order to solve all doubts.


    Boosters are a kind of bomb that helps you to pass hard challenges fast besides make a big blast. It permits them to destroy all cubes as soon as possible to complete the challenge or level. With the help of coins, players can gain boosters in a limited amount.

    Refill lives

    To play any level, you need to spend one or more live. Without lives, they cannot enter into challenges, tasks, or levels. To play the game smoothly, gamers need more lives. Don’t panic, with coins, and they can refill lives, again and again, to play efficiently.

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  • When you are going to play Mario Kart Tour, then there are lots of things which become very important for the people to choose the right option for the players.

    As people already know that the game developers already used various kinds of features for making the Mario Kart Tour game more impressive, which are liked by the players.

    First of all, you need to understand the controllers of the game, that will help you to play its races and levels.

    In this article, I am going to share some great points that will explain some great facts about the features of the Mario Kart Tour.

    Features of the game

    Only great and smart features of the game made it different rather than other video games. Similarly, you can pay attention on the each features of the Mario Kart Tour that was have mentioned below-

    1. Let me start from the drivers that you will get in the game. Players can use the impressive drivers for making everything possible, so be ready to take its advantage that will definitely give you support.
    2. As the game includes various kinds of currencies such as rubies and the gold, so simply use them and collect for better outcomes that will definitely give you the best outcome.
    3. Bonus challenge that will definitely use by the players of the game, so simply play these amazing challenges in order to win exciting prizes and ranking.
    4. Profile ranking that will support to earn respects that will give you a chance to earning the best outcomes.

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    Well, we have covered all the wonderful aspects related to the game, so be ready to use them in order to get better outcomes. One of the most important things in the game is unlocking the drivers.

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  • How To Earn In-Game Currencies In Game Of Thrones: Conquest?

    Are you trying to earn Game Of Thrones: Conquest currencies more? Desire to play like a pro without facing any issue?

    If yes, in order to achieve all personal objectives, try to pay more attention to the upcoming content more. here we are going to mention some pro ways to earn in game currencies for free.

    Yes, you don't need to pay charges for making all currencies as from such ways it can freely obtain by the users.

    But before directly jumping to pro tips to earn currencies, let's have a quick overview of currencies as well as the game.

    Game Of Thrones: Conquest is an excellent MMORTG game comes up with many exciting tasks, missions, rewards as well as challenges.

    Players can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices by the warner bros entertainment interprise without paying any charge. Spending more efforts on the troops as well as dragons for making a powerful army helps to gain victory as soon as possible.

    Kinds of currencies

    There are four kinds of currencies used in Game Of Thrones: Conquest named Gold, Coins, Food, Resources.

    Each currency plays a significant role in the game from which you can purchase every single item or thing.

    Players need to maintain all currencies in a more massive amount to play, progress faster besides to gain an array of benefits.

    For gaining immense interest besides to enjoy like a pro, try to focus on each currency more.

    Here are some simple game of thrones conquest hack for free gold earning and other ways to earn currencies legally.

    Ø  Connect with Facebook

    While starting the game, players are suggested to connect the game account with Facebook first. It allows them to make a specific amount of money for a while, which they can use at necessary items as well as upgrades.

    Use each currency wisely is the priority of users as it’s not an easy task to earn them in massive amounts. Although the value of money is limited in this task, it offers more benefits to users in hard situations.

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    Ø     Live events and quests

    There are many quests as well as live events held in Game Of Thrones: Conquest regularly. The tasks of the facts and quests are quite simple that you can complete efficiently without getting tensed.

    The events also contain exciting jobs that you need to complete for exploring endless fun. Winning each game or quest allows an individual to earn currencies in a more massive amount.

    Make sure that your basics are clear while performing these jobs in order to gain unlimited benefits besides bonuses. 

    Ø     Challenges

    There are a lot of levels, as well as challenges added in the game, to make it more fabulous. Try to participate in every single level or challenge for gaining more rewards, currencies, and cool prizes.

    Instead of paying charges for purchasing currencies, try to play better. It allows you to enjoy the game besides achieve personal objectives faster without getting depressed.

    We can easily conclude that, following exciting tasks and master free ways to earn free currencies may help users a lot. Try to focus on the gameplay as well as missions more for additional rewards.

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    Into The Dead 2 Tips And Tricks That Players Should Know!

    If you are playing Into the Dead 2 game, then you know the importance of master tips and tricks. If yes, then the players are going to grab more benefits from the post.

    If no, later pay attention to the forthcoming content. Into the Dead 2 is a first-person shooting as well as a surviving game where users need to survive in a dangerous zombie's world.

    Also, they need to kill zombies by using different techniques and weapons.

    It's not an easy task to progress in Into the Dead 2 game faster due to its hard challenges and functions.

    But with the help of master tips and tricks, it is possible to grab all achievements as soon as possible.

    Mentioned below are some of the legit cheats for into the dead 2 game which helps you to explore more fun besides play smoothly without getting stressed.

    Earn more stars with into the dead 2 tips and tricks

    Stars are considered as the main currency of the game, which helps users to upgrade more weapons or collect more parts.

    Completing each campaign mode offers you five stars. Collecting more stars helps you a lot to achieve objectives faster.

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    Powerful weapons

    Know your weapon type and make a big attack without getting stressed or tensed. There are many powerful weapons added in the game which users can unlock by performing game tasks and earning in-game currencies.

    Try to open the most potent weapon besides upgrading it to kill more zombies besides to pass levels smoothly.

    Clear the objective

    The different level contains a different goal to complete. Not all the times killing zombies is compulsory for you as sometimes surviving more also helps a lot.

    It may help you to progress faster like no one another can. So, don't forget to clear the objective first before starting a level or mission.


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